Hardware design

Hardware design

When it comes to designing and developing hardware, we begin by drafting a paper which defines the preparatory industrial design research, factors such as costs, timescale, technological features as well as appearance, style and design functions and all technical aspects of the device.

At Ochsoft our engineers use professional hardware design & development techniques which include cutting-edge electronics and PCB design and layout. We work with a variety of processor architectures, interfaces, and memory types, and implement the latest technologies in our projects.

With a design philosophy based on quality and compliance with international standards, our internal procedures comply with IPC standards, DFM, DFA, and DFT principles for design-for-manufacturing, design-for-testing and design-for-congregate or assembly.

At all stages of our projects, we provide our clients with comprehensive information which includes mandatory information in addition to general project information.The process includes precursory design research, market surveys and analyzing customer preferences. The development process includes sketches and 2D/3D photo-realistic images, based on the design brief and including options for texture and color.

Next comes inspection and the review of the roundup design, based on manufacturing technologies, characteristics of the selected materials, other hardware requirements, and parameters. The final stages of the project include enclosure prototyping which, once approved gets prepared for mass production.

Some of the hardware solutions we develop include:

  • FTGA programming and IP kernel design
  • Modelling
  • PCB 3d models, Thermal modeling, Signal analysis (SI), Electromagnetic compatibility analysis (EMC), power integrity analysis (PI).
  • JTAG-testing and microcircuit programming
  • FPGA programming and IP kernel design.

Once completed, the design package is sent to the client and includes the complete design documentation package for hardware (PCB) mass-production, which is compliant with the requirements of IPC and GOST.

Ochsoft provide customer support at all stages of development such as:

  • Idea generation and conceptual work-through
  • Development of the original design and construction (Drafting, 3D-modeling, and visualization)
  • Selection of materials for the enclosure
  • Manufacture of prototypes and samples of the enclosure
  • Production launch

We are proud of our reputation and we always provide services that maintain the highest quality, exceed our client’s expectations and maintain our global reputation.

Our extensive expertise is based on years of successful projects and by employing top professionals who specialize in our broad range of disciplines, enabling us to deliver cutting edge, innovative solutions which help our clients build their business and in turn help us build ours.

Our top priority is to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction, which is why our team of experts will always do whatever they can to make sure they fully understand your requirements and to ensure they deliver exactly what they are supposed to. Our clients are top priority.

At Ochsoft we use the term ‘turnkey’ to mean that we provide a completely integrated, cost effective project from start to finish, using the latest tools and technology and saving you the risk and the problems, allowing you to get on with your business while we get on with your project.

Security is critical these days, so at Ochsoft we ensure that every website, app or system we develop is absolutely safe. By implementing a rigorous testing regime, we ensure that no software leaves our company before it has been fully tested and declared safe.

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