Web Application Development and Design

Web Application Development and Design

At Ochsoft we apply our ‘turnkey’ philosophy to our website design and development service. This means that we take care of your complete website creation starting from the conceptual phase, which includes the planning and designing of the UI, graphics, artwork and creating content, then through the technical aspects such as developing the front and back ends and then testing and launching the live site, and then our support can continue to maintain the final product and ensuring it is up and running and doing what it should do – promoting your business.

By employing Ochsoft as your partner for your ‘turnkey’ website development project, you can rest assured that you will receive a smooth, trouble freewebsite solution which meets all the demands of a fast paced, modern day, demanding business environment. The advantage of our ‘turnkey’ solution is that it removes the stress and risk from you on the basis that Ochsoft will Design, Develop and Deploy.



We treat the design phase of any website project as the most critical and most important, because your website is the window to your business and first impressions last, which is why it is so critical that we interpret your requirements correctly and help you present your business in such a way that it stays ahead of your competition.

This takes a high degree of skill and experience and we understand that time taken at this stage to ensure everything is correct, can save a huge amount of time and costs at a later stage. So, we make a special effort to understand the complexities and your requirements, with our engineers and developers thinking about how the website’s contents will be organized and accessed by users. This stage is normally known as information architecture design.

Information architecture design is the foundation for a great website and enables developers to visualize the blueprint of a site upon which other elements will be added. Information architecture design covers 6 critical stages:

  • Defining the Goals and Scope of a website
  • Identifying the Audience
  • Recognizing Content Needs
  • Identify Functionalities
  • Determining Site’s Structure
  • Describing the Site’s Navigation


During the development phase, Ochsoft defines the project strategy and howthe end-product will function. Modern websites need to be built using current programming rules to enhance functionality and to enable them to use over multiple browsers.


As with manycomputers based tasks, a website can be set up as online software, which means that it can be associated with the latest and most efficient publishing system at its core so that the administrator always has control over its functionalities and process-flow and to manage all sorts of content according to any future requirements.

The website therefore incorporates a series of standard components that the client can easily roll-out to provide the desired capabilities to users without jeopardizingplatform. Ochsoft are able to design bespoke functionalities required at this point to meet the domain-specific requirements.

Ochsoft’sturnkey web development service ensures that all requirements are foreseen and accommodated in the early phases. By closely following our client’s requirements, Ochsoft is able to ensure that the deployment procedure is smooth and trouble free.

Additional Services:

  • Application development
  • Application Maintenance
  • Application or network enhancement
  • Platform migration

We are proud of our reputation and we always provide services that maintain the highest quality, exceed our client’s expectations and maintain our global reputation.

Our extensive expertise is based on years of successful projects and by employing top professionals who specialize in our broad range of disciplines, enabling us to deliver cutting edge, innovative solutions which help our clients build their business and in turn help us build ours.

Our top priority is to provide our clients with 100% satisfaction, which is why our team of experts will always do whatever they can to make sure they fully understand your requirements and to ensure they deliver exactly what they are supposed to. Our clients are top priority.

At Ochsoft we use the term ‘turnkey’ to mean that we provide a completely integrated, cost effective project from start to finish, using the latest tools and technology and saving you the risk and the problems, allowing you to get on with your business while we get on with your project.

Security is critical these days, so at Ochsoft we ensure that every website, app or system we develop is absolutely safe. By implementing a rigorous testing regime, we ensure that no software leaves our company before it has been fully tested and declared safe.

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